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11a artistic webdesign / website design service, comes with Search Engine Optimization included !
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11a artistic website designer Rudolf Megert's arts site

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A web site design and its later maintenance

is a little bit like constructing a family house or business building, a construction that may change and grow over time.
The basic design of your web pages may or may not distinct your website from others in your field!

If your web site shouldn't look like "net suburbia" get yourself a

creative artistic web site designer

that comes from an artistic background and doesn't work by timed 9-to-5 hours for you but rather for a flat rate at "inspiration pace".

Most likely you are also aware of the small probability that someone actually finds your website within this single one (browser) window out of all the zillions of web pages and sites out there ...

... it is more work to incorporate Search Engine Optimized HTML and text into an artistic webdesign then to just focus on the visual side of the website design job.

Web pages designed as a full browser window size interactive Flash movie

maybe a great way to impress - to impress a few lonely visitors perhaps, because such Flash "object" only sites can`t be read and therefore well ranked by the major non-human reviewed Search Engines!
Artistic website designer Rudolf Megert as one of the webmasters at the nets most beautiful Search Engine Useroo Search Art is upbeat with the latest in requirements for good Search Engine Ranking of a site and he will work diligently to assure the best possible combination of your sites look, functionality and - THAT IT WILL BE FOUND ONLINE!

The small web design company 11a artistic webdesign / website design services

offers you individuality and visibility online at a fixed price that will match your budget, according to the amount of work to be conducted.
11a artistic webdesign / website design services however can not offer highly complicated secure site or shopping cart scripting technology solutions at this time.

11a artistic webdesign services aim is to create a respectable visible internet presence for your small to large business or individual presentation website - with focus on your specific keywords / keyphrases doing well in search results.

11a web design is experienced in these multimedia applications:
arrangements of existing Java scripts
arrangements of existing CGI scripts.

Web Designer Rudolf Megert of 11a artistic webdesign services
will be happy to work out the right internet solution for your budget as well as for your artistic, visual or functional needs along with proper no spamming Search Engine Optimization - wherever you or your business are located.

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